Best 4K TVs in India 2019 – 55″ inches

The innovation for broadcasting in the past few years has gained pace. Now the price of the HD and 4K UHD displays is also dropping. In this article, we’ll mention the Best 4K TVs in India. 4K sets The size of a Full HD Television (1920x 1080) is also known as the Ultra HD display. … Read moreBest 4K TVs in India 2019 – 55″ inches

Best Smart TVs in India 2019

Nowadays television is becoming an inevitable part of human life. Firstly, bulky CRT boxes were there and, now, In 2019, LED TVs, Smart TVs, Foldable TVs, and whatnot, technology is changing rapidly. Before finding the Best Smart TV in India, first we’ll see what is a Smart TV and how it works. Take LED TV … Read moreBest Smart TVs in India 2019